Professional Answering Service will pick up  when calls are missed.




      "Orlando DJ Sound Service w/True HD High Definition Sound Quality"
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 Bruce Walrod:  407-690-9996      




Resident DJ Service for the Golden Bear Club at Keene's Pointe in Windermere - Click Here

Preferred DJ Service at Courtyard at Lake Lucerne... Dr. Phillips House & I.W. Phillips House


Your call is important at Orlando's Got Talent so much so if we miss your call a Professional Answering will take your call 24/7 and gather details regarding your celebration.

They will EMAIL & TEXT us immediately so you will have a reply to your questions within 24 Hours and in many caes more likely within 24 Minutes, LOL...  :-)

We are not satisfied anymore in simply having some of the Best Sound & Lighting Equipment available, we want communication levels to be amongst the BEST as well.

NEW EMAIL:   gmail has never failed me unlike the services I have paid for in past, lol... :-P



Disc Jockey & Owner of Orlando's Got Talent: Bruce Walrod  407-690-9996

5th Year in a Row on Wedding Wire Top 5 Percent of Orlando DJ's & even though I do not Advertise on The Knot I made their Best of Weddings... :-)



  SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Click here for a schedule of events form w/helpful hyperlinks to Music Selections.

MUSIC isn't everything that Orlando's Got Talent provides but it is #1

MUSIC SEARCH ENGINE Whether or not you use my DJ Service please feel welcome to use my Music Search Engine

to find favorite songs for your special event & save your Music List w/email address so you can share it w/Family & Friends! :-)

UP LIGHTING: "Newest LED Up Lights using R.G.B. & A.W. AMBER & WHITE for Soft Pastels"

             WEDDING PHOTO BOOTH: " Newest iPad with 4G LTE & Professional Photo/Video Lighting"

           JBL PRX615M SPEAKERS: "Newest JBL Powered 2-Way Speaker 15" Woofer  1000 watt Crown Amp







What U See Is "TWO COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS" Together They Make A Nice Insurance Policy... LOL


Orlando's Got Talent Sound System & Lighting is of a High Studio Quality not common at all for a DJ Service.




Which Look Do You Prefer With or Without A DJ Facade?  :-)




Above samples of DJ Setups that could of benefited from my New DJ Facade some more than others, lol, 2nd Picture I poke fun at myself from setup that was years ago at Omni.



  Read the 5-Star Reviews: Click Picture  

"Google" any of the Sound Equipment I use & you will see it Highly Ranked & "Professional Grade"...

Consumer Grade Brands with lowest price tags like "Gemini, Numark, Peavey, Behringer, American Audio, Nady, etc. "I DON'T USE"

Check it out for yourself clicking on the PSSL Logo above... ( Numark does have an NS Series that is of quality but the rest? :-/ )

Exceptional Sound Quality is only one of the many advantages to selecting Orlando's Got Talent

"Over 10 Years of Dance Club Experience is not common in a DJ Service, I know how to keep energy on Dance Floor"

If you want the lowest price DJ, you'll have to look elsewhere but for dollar value Orlando's Got Talent is tough to beat... :-)


Do you see the Speaker better than 100 Feet away in the far corner it is being supplied Music via Wireless System.

Can you name another DJ Service in Orlando offering a Higher Level of Technology Sound System?, at any Price... :-)


Over $100. a month spent on Music Services providing sometimes daily updates of New Music for Top 40, R&B, Dance, Latin, Country, Alternative etc.   and of course Classics from the past are not forgotten. :-)




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Would we hire Bruce again......without a doubt!!!

Getting married in a different country to where you live was quite a daunting prospect, you're hiring vendors and services from people you haven't even met, relying on reviews and is everything going to go how you want it!??!

From the moment we were in contact with Bruce he completely put our mind at rest and then that first meeting a week before the wedding where myself and James had no clue how it was all going to come together he was our saviour - also him knowing the venue inside out helped massively.

Nothing was too much trouble for Bruce, whether you want a specific order or certain music he is the man!! Our day ran so smoothly and I can honestly hand on heart say a large part of that was down to Bruce. On potentially one of the most stressful, highly emotional days of your life you need a Bruce to take the worry away from you and that is exactly what he did!!

Thank you Bruce we would hire you again in a heart beat....YOU ROCK!!!

Sara & James Frensham
Wedding: 03/29/2013
Services Used: DJ


I.W. Phillips House at the Courtyard at Lake Lucerne

( Click Photo Below to reach my dedicated Courtyard Page )




"Starry Starry Night" at your Wedding creates Elegance & Fun... :-)

"Developed for Disney you will not find at Guitar Center or Sam Ash or with any other DJ Service in the Orlando Area that I know of personally."



Transforms Dance Floor Ceiling into "DREAMY STARRY NITE" not annoying blast of Laser Dots most DJ Services use including previously myself, LOL... :-P

Bridal Couples today want a fun inviting atmosphere around the Dance Floor without going over the top with too much Flashing Lights!!!


Low RPM Mirror Ball Motor makes for a Slow Rotation so the moving lights do not make anyone dizzy, lol...



Isleworth Country Club Wedding

You're Invited So Come On In... :-)


Up Lighting - Monogram - Dance Floor Graphic - Photo Booth


Luminated the Sweetheart Table, Cake & Light Shields around Up Lights... :-)




Newest iPad 4, Professional Lighting &  Built in ATT 4G LTE to Upload Instantly to Guest Email

Assistant "Yvette Teran" you looked stunning on this night! :-)


Guests get to take 3- Pictures and attach a note to Bridal Couple


Danced till Midnight now GO HOME, lol, Pool Party Tomorrow... :-)









Easiest Way To Check Up on Recent & Past Activities with lots of Videos & Photos Please Click Logo

YOU TUBE Account became way too crowded with 300 Plus Videos now so I have tried to find some of Best & Reposted on Facebook for you.

New URL www.PRODJ.DJ hyperlinks you here to "Orlando's Got Talent"


"Click Picture Above to Watch Some Dancing Under the Roses"

Accent Coloring & Graphic such as the Roses here above really makes the Dance Floor Area much more inviting! :-)



WEDDING BOOTH " Newest iPad with 4G LTE & Professional Photo/Video Lighting"





If you appreciate quality, please make that a factor in your Entertainment Choice using arguably one of the best DJ Laptops i7 Macbook Pro

JBL PRX 615 M 15" Woofer 2-Way Speakers, Rane Mixer, Denon Controller, EV RE2 Wireless Microphones, the Good Stuff... :-) 

4th Year in a Row being presented a Top 5% "Bridal Choice Award" by Wedding Wire

 Cell: 407-690-9996       Bruce Walrod

"I prefer cell because of ease & certainty of knowing you're made contact, lol, if you email me 1st please give me a call if response is not within 24 Hours which is my goal to you."

($100. Deposit to Reserve Date & Balance not due till day of event .)

WARNING: Many DJ Services use Comsumer Grade PC's with Cracked Version of DJ Programs not wanting to spend the hundreds of dollars for the Professional Registered Versions & then

run audio directly from a Headphone Jack, this is not the best sound to say the least.










Read all of our Wedding Disc Jockey Reviews at Weddings, Wedding Cakes,  Wedding Planning, Wedding Checklists, Free Wedding Websites, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Ideas & more






 Click the "Watch on You Tube" button here in bottom right corner so you can view & hear video without my music in background, lol, and watch some of my other videos.


12- PAR 64 LED UP LIGHTS Add-On $200. & Gobo Projection $50. w/Stock Image

(Extra Bonus when adding Up Lights is a "DJ Assistant" is added at N/C to take Requests, Operate Dance Lighting or even Spark the Dancing)

($400. for Up Lighting when not combined with DJ Service)

(Light Up your Reception Area Walls in "Tiffany Blue", "Pretty in Pink" or whatever color you wish, more samples below) 


Blush by Brandee Gaar  (Check out the Tiffany Blue Up Lights at Reunion Resort Hotel)


With the body of work you can see for yourself in Endorsements, Reviews, Videos & Photos it takes the guesswork out of wondering if Orlando's Got Talent is any good & should be simply raising the question are they available?  :-)

You Tube search "Orlando DJ" & you will see my strong presence on 1st several pages.


                     Click the "Watch on You Tube" button here in bottom right corner so you can view & hear video without my music in background, lol, and watch some of my other videos.

Orlando Waldorf Astoria near Disney









"One LED Table Accent Light & One Overhead LED Spot Light on thin tripod against wall."





my wedding lights

(Click Above: includes information on Custom Monogram Gobos & Projection cost options, plus a Must See Video called "I Do")

$400. 12-Par 64 LED Up Lights - Any Color

"FREE On-Site PREVIEW of LED Up Lights to ensure you'll get effect you want."

(Delivery Set-Up & Tear Down Included in Greater Orlando Area)


$30. to $40. per Up Light is common pricing around Orlando and even $50. is not unheard of so I have a "SUMMER MADNESS PRICING DEAL" of only $20. per LIGHT UNIT for minimum order of 10 Lights that's only $200. SETUP & TEARDOWN included.
 — in Orlando.



Click Picture Above to See Short Video of this Room


11-11-11 Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, this was used as a backdrop for pictures as guest entered in from the Ceremony.










Pipe & Draping cost roughly $100. per 10' Feet Sections when using DJ Service


Picture was taken before the staging was placed in front and banners were attached to the drapes.



Dr. Philips House Courtyard 1st Dance





JBL PRX615M - 1000 Watt Powered Speaker by JBL & CROWN


JBL SR4718x 18" Sub-Woofer System "Earthquake Maker, lol"



Can you guess which Cables O.G.T.'s uses & which ones most of my competitors use? :-)

Click Picture to learn why O.G.T. & Grammy Award Winning Studios use Transparent Cables


Also, it is easy to get confused when every DJ Service claims to be using Professional Sound Equipment which only means they have received money while using their Sound Equipment which makes it Professional in loose terms.  A term I prefer to use is "Commercial Grade" which means a higher standard for manufacturing than the Consumer Grade stuff.  It is not just some but most of the DJ Services around Orlando use Consumer Grade for at least some portion of their equipment chain and that makes for a weak link that can result in poor audio quality sound and or loss of sound completely, you don't want that lol.

Newest Apple Macbook Pro i7 Laptop, Love It... I still have a PC perhaps as just a reminder of the Endless need to use Virus Protection, Endless Updates, Slow Start-Ups & Shut Downs, etc.  I know this preference between MAC or PC is a huge debate but I have never heard of a MAC User discovering a PC and going oh wow this is so much better, Not. 

"If you prefer using Windows, can’t afford a Mac, and choose carefully, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t DJ with a PC – and many DJs do exactly that. After all, the actual components inside are often identical. The bottom line is that DJs want absolute reliability, because their performances are mission-critical and they don’t want the computer part of the equation to let them down. In my view, that’s why those who can afford it tend to end up using Macs."  This is the logic most DJs still using a PC will state but bottom line if you want the best for DJing well just read below...

End Debate Here for DJs: The Manufacturing Technicians that offer support for Professional Sound Equipment & DJ Software such as Virtual DJ Pro, Serato, Traktor, etc. any guesses what not just some but all I have spoken to use for themselves? MAC & Top World Renowned DJs like DJ Tiesto, David Guetta, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold all use MAC, enough said...





MUST SEE: Professional Presentation & hear Live Audio from Ceremony, Toast, Singing & Dancing

"Towards bottom you'll find Video Comments & Email Referrals"





Holiday Inn Main Gate East:  Cake Table Accent Up Lighting "Cake Courtesy of Party Flavors"


DELL PROJECTOR 4220: Over 4,000. Lumens for Bright Illumination of Pictures & Video


Back Up Video Equipment:  Dell 4210X Projector w/3500 ANSI Lumens, XGA w/Dual VGA & HDMI



Over 300 inches of maximum projection size on wall (I have 96" by 96" Da-Lite Screen), Call for Pricing...


This picture was projected on the Da-Lite 96" by 96" Screen but was not fully extended in height.


60" Screen



ETC SOURCE FOUR ZOOM w/575 watt Lamp



Custom Steel Gobo Image as shown below cost about $100. w/several online sites to order from so with my Projection Fee of $50. total cost would be $150.

Gobo Projection Light Rental Fee w/o DJ Service is $100. plus your Custom Steel Gobo Image $100. would total then $200.

I can do custom colors as shown below & even photographs w/Slide Projection but a positive for Steel Gobo is that it only allows the light for Letters & Image to come through the projection, worth twice the cost is for you to decide? but if preference is to have image projected say above the Head Table for a Wedding the steel gobo is the way to go because it is best for limiting the ambient light.



Amber Coloring has been popular this Fall

"Please notice even in well lit rooms my Accent Deco Lighting is Striking"



Lincoln High School Prom with over 500 Students

High School Dance





Over 8 Million Songs & Videos are available at your event thanks to my Grooveshark VIP Membership

Click Logo above to check out how well it finds your favorite SONGS & ARTISTS?, it is wonderful always being able to say to requests: "I GOT IT"  :-)

Grooveshark is integrated directly into my Virtual DJ program so from Request to Playing can be just seconds away...


Orlando's Got Talent - DJ Services 595. 5 Hours

(Click Logo For More Information)

Express Audio DFF provides weekly delivery of the newest audio releases as high-quality LOSSLESS files.

Top 40, Dance, Urban, Rock & Country

MP3 Bit Rate is maxed out at 320 KB per second but the MP4 LOSSLESS files I receive weekly average around 900 KB which

produces an audible higher quality that can't be mistaken & is not common amongst local DJ Services.



"PANDORA internet radio"  I use this FREE internet service to create a radio station using your favorite music groups so during the

week before your event I can enjoy & really get a feel for the music that you'll want played the most...  :-)